The Origins of Dynamic Plateau Training

My Max Lifts, Before & After DPT
My Max Lifts, Before & After DPT

If you’re curious how I got into the fitness industry and how and why I started Dynamic Plateau Training then read this and all will be revealed to you.

Some start out in the fitness industry because they’re popular or they look good, and it will be very easy for them to excel in this field.  But I’ve always been one to look more toward someone who has achieved results for themselves and others; I don’t care how good you look or how popular you are.

Now, others might not think about things the same way, but luckily for me I am not a celebrity or a fitness model, so in order for me to excel I have to produce results, and I have!  I’ve reached so many different fitness goals with Dynamic Plateau Training, and I’ve helped others do the same too.

But I don’t want to take this time to pat myself on the back while shaking my head at other fitness “gurus”, so go ahead and watch the video below and I’ll explain the history behind DPT.

So there you have it; that’s how I got wrapped up in the fitness industry and there are a lot of new DPT workouts on the horizon!  I’ll keep being a guinea pig as I aim to reach new fitness goals, which means you’ll keep getting tried and true workouts that will help you reach YOUR fitness goals.


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