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Whey Protein Isolate

I’m sure that at some point in your life you’ve been told about the importance of protein in your diet.  Some people have a hard time getting enough protein from food sources so they turn to protein supplements, which are an inexpensive option for consuming protein.  If you’re an athlete, vegetarian or vegan, you’ve probably […]

Week 7 for the DPT Fitness Competition

We’re in the middle of the seventh week of the Dynamic Plateau Training fitness contest!  Everyone that’s been writing their workout blogs is still making great progress.  I love seeing that you are all getting closer and closer to your goals!  I hope your workouts have been going well so far this week.   My […]

The Contest has officially begun!

Today marks the first day of the Fitness Competitors’ workouts!  It took a little time to round up all the before pictures and to make sure that everyone read the book and got their workouts set up, but now we’re ready to move on.  I’ll try to post updates here as we progress through the […]

Sign Ups are Live! – Win a FREE Gym Membership for a YEAR!

Times are tough and many people are faced with having to make changes to their lifestyles so that their pockets don’t end up empty.   A sad, but common decision that may have to be made is whether or not you can afford to keep going to the gym.    Everyone should have the chance to […]

Dynamic Plateau Training Contest Update – FREE Gym Membership for a Year

Hey everyone, I’ve been fine tuning the details for the contest and I want to try to start sign-ups on June 1st.  You’ll have a week and a half to sign up and after that sign-ups are closed.  So sign up as soon as you can or you’re going to miss out on the opportunity […]