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Green Tea vs Oolong Tea

I’m sure that by now you’ve heard all the buzz about green tea’s health benefits, no pun intended, but have you heard about oolong tea?  Could this less popular tea be better at helping you lose weight than green tea?  Have the claims about green tea’s health benefits been proven through scientific research?  Read More […]

Imagine Using ONE Method to Reach ALL Your Fitness Goals!

I know it’s not easy to reach a fitness goal. I also know that it’s not easy to start over again when you’ve tried before and couldn’t reach your goal. The fitness industry is REALLY confusing with all the information put out in the media. But it doesn’t have to be that complicated!   With […]

Is Soy Milk Better Than Milk From A Cow?

I’m sure most of you drink some kind of milk on occassion, but are you drinking the healthiest kind?  Some people opt for soy milk because of personal beliefs or allergies, which is understandable.   But is soy milk healthier than milk from a cow?  Some would say it is… Click HERE to find out […]

Secrets the Supplement Industry Doesn’t Want YOU to Know!

You’re being lied to daily by the supplement industry in fitness magazines and ads!  If you get fit and stay fit then supplement companies lose money.  So it’s more profitable for them to lie to you, confuse you and send you in the wrong direction. I was talking to Jeff Anderson (AKA the Muscle Nerd […]

Not All Fat is Bad, but Which Fat is Good Fat?

Don’t be afraid to eat fat, it’s not what makes you fat; excess calories are the culprit.  There are actually some really good types of fat that you should aim to get in your diet.   If you’re not sure what types of fat are good, then go HERE and calm your fears about fat.  Your […]