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Imagine Using ONE Method to Reach ALL Your Fitness Goals!

I know it’s not easy to reach a fitness goal. I also know that it’s not easy to start over again when you’ve tried before and couldn’t reach your goal. The fitness industry is REALLY confusing with all the information put out in the media. But it doesn’t have to be that complicated!   With […]

The Winner of the FREE Gym Membership for a Year has Been Chosen!

I’ve finally chosen a winner for the Recession-Proof Fitness Competition!    I’m really proud of those of you who completed your 4 months of Dynamic Plateau Training workouts; you all made a lot of progress!  You put in the work, made a change in your life and now it’s time to reward someone with a […]

One More Modification to Improve Your Mile Run Time

As you know, I’m all about adding variety to my workouts so I’ve got one more modification you can use to improve your mile run time.  Like the first two, it’s pretty simple but you’ll definitely turn heads with this one!   Go HERE to read about the modification, why it works and how you can […]

Simple Modification to Boost Endurance in Your Mile Run

Doing the same kind of run over and over can be boring and will often result in slower progress. Add a little variety to your workouts and you’ll start to enjoy it again and should see better results.   Go HERE to read a blog I wrote about a slight modification you can make when you’re […]

Only 4 Days Left to Sign Up to Win a FREE Gym Membership for a YEAR!

There’s only 4 days left for sign ups for the Recession-Proof Fitness Competition so if you want: A Free Book Free Guidance A Better Body A Chance to Win 1 of 24 DPT Workout Shirts & A Chance to Win 1 of 2 Gym Memberships for a Year   Then sign up as soon as you can, because […]